Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where Can I Buy Liquid Lash Extensions?

Where Can I Buy Liquid Lash Extensions?

Where Can I buy? : You can buy liquid lash extensions from select beauty salons, or you can purchase the liquid eyelash extensions that appeared on the Dr. Oz show online. The price range varies between 16 and 30 dollars depending on what brand you decide upon.

What was the brand name of the liquid lash extensions that appeared on the Dr. Oz Show? : Unfortunately, Dr. Oz didn't give out the brand name. He never endorses any particular brand. It's what adds to his credibility knowing that he just isn't out trying to sell a particular product. However, there are a number of top of the line quality companies that make this product (many of which you are likely familiar with).  Name brands such as Divaderme, Talika, Sensanol, and Mirenese.

How do you remove liquid lash extensions? : They can be removed with ordinary soap an water. It is recommended that you use your regular makeup remover.

How long does it take to apply liquid applications? : The first few applications will likely take the longest. Soon you will be applying your liquid extenders in just minutes!

How do you apply liquid lash extensions? : There are a few tips that are worth noting to make your first few tries a success!
  • First you apply your mascara of choice (the liquid extensions will adhere to the mascara).
  • When you apply the fiber extensions, brush them on slowly and lightly. Many inexperienced users apply too much. Go light. You can always apply more layers as you wish. The more applications that you have under your belt, the easier this will be for you.
  • Tap the wand slowly against the botttle to prevent falling fibers
  • Only apply the extension from the middle to the tip of your lashes. Thats all you need!
  • You can then apply another coat of mascara and you are done and your eyelashes will look beautiful.
Read Liquid Eyelash Customer Reviews For more tips, do's, and don'ts when applying your extensions.

Talika, Divaderme, Sensanol, Mirenese, and More!

Divaderme Liquid Lash Extensions

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